Pyrolysis machine for waste disposal, recycling tires, plastics.


The company supplies pyrolysis machine for recycling tires, rubber, plastics, cable waste, medical waste. Pyrolysis machines are efficient and environmental safety.
Here you can buy a pyrolysis machines with volume of loading from 2 to 20 tons. (from 3 to 20 ton/day). Horizontal installation pyrolysis reactor with a volume of 12,5 to 54 m3 quickly and easily downloaded through the door at the end of machine. If you need, the door can be equal to the diameter of the reactor. Pyrolysis machines are equipped with 4 step system cleaning furnace gases, adapted to the cold climate cooling system with the ability to use the generated heat for heating installation shop and household needs. Automatic unloading system of carbon from the reactor system, remove the steel cord from the unit.

The price and tecnical Characteristics. 

 №   Model   Power 
Volume fo reactor 
Volume fo reactor ton Volume fo reactor ton/day

Working time 

for 1 batch 


 $ USA 


 $ USA  

3 LL-2200-6000 11 22 6 11- 12  12 - 13 82000 92000
4 LL-2200-6600 11 25 7 12 -14 12 - 14 85000 95000
5 LL-2600-6000 16 32 8 8 -12 18 -19 110000 124000
6 LL-2600-6600 17 35 10 10 -12 19 -20 120000 134000
7 LL-2800-6000 17 37 10 10 - 12 22 125000 139000
8 LL-2800-6600 17 40 12 12 22 135000 149000
9 LL-2800-7500 20 50 20 20 24 150000 166000

 Abroad usage:
Three Application range of revolving processor
1. Industrial mixed scraped plastic, allow for existence of PP, PE, PVC.etc at the same time.
2. Wasted oil. Such as: wasted diesel oil, spend oil residua etc
3. Scraped rubber tyres
4. Wasted cable husk. (suggest sparing out Chlorine first and then refine oil)
5. Wasted crude oil
6. Wasted PMMA

Scheme pyrolysis plant:

Pyrolysis - one of the most effective and environmentally friendly waste treatment. In the process of low-temperature pyrolysis we obtain fuel, carbon and steel. When heated to 400-600 degrees, without access of air, waste in the pyrolysis reactor installation decomposed into oil fractions, evaporate, pass through the catalyst column and condensed in a cooler. Our pyrolysis installation in standard possible to obtain the heavy and light fuel fractions. On special request, it is possible to obtain more fractions of varying quality.
Pyrolysis plant is equipped with a cooling system, storage tanks of light and heavy fractions of pyrolysis oil pumps, 4 step system cleaning furnace gases, smoke exhaust fans, automatic carbon discharge from the reactor, automation system, emergency torch burning gas, the unit operates in automatic mode.
Volume tanks pyrolysis plant is enough for one cycle of operation. In the pyrolysis unit can be processed the following commodities:Rubber waste and tires Plastic waste and mixed plastics Waste oils: for example, transformer oil, used motor oil and other waste oils, oil wastes Waste leather cord (dechlorination for processing PVC cable supplied) Waste of crude oil and petroleum residues, Regeneration of waste PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate). Unsorted municipal solid waste and shredded remains of cars Sewage sludge, wood waste, agricultural waste Paper pulp Hospital waste

As a result of the pyrolysis results in the following products:

  •      Pyrolysis oil: 40% ~ 65% by weight of the load (depends on the quality of material temperature)
         Metallic cord (with tire recycling)
         Carbon 37% with a large amount of processing can be supplied to the machine in a compact powder coal rods
         Waste water and steam: 5% ~ 10%
         Combustible pyrolysis gases

Workflow in the pyrolysis unit:

In the loading door pyrolysis plant, the order door can be equal to the diameter of the pyrolysis reactor unit from 2.2 to 2.8 meters, loading raw materials, depending on the volume and material of the feed conveyor can be supplied. The reactor was then heated pyrolysis plant gas or oil burner, the variant wood charcoal, granulated carbon, heavy fractions of pyrolysis oil. When the reactor temperature reaches 300 ° C to 450 ° C, begin to form in reactor petroleum fractions. Nefryanye gases enter the catalyst tower. In the column condenses heavy fractions, and the remaining gases enter the shell and tube refrigerator. It cools the light component is condensed and accumulates in the fuel tank, and remain in the system flammable gases which can not be liquefied, they are returned to the combustion system for heating, maintaining the pyrolysis process. After completion of the pyrolysis installation cools from 2 to 4 hours, depending on its performance.

Once cooled, turn on automatic unloading of carbon from the furnace, this process takes 1 to 2 hours. After unloading the carbon with a special tool is unloaded steel cord. Pyrolysis plant is ready for loading the next batch of materials.
Pyrolysis plant is equipped with a four-cleaning system of furnace gases, smoke exhaust fans in the heating system installation. Cooling system pyrolysis plant allows the installation of pyrolysis generated heat for heating plant in the winter. Optionally, can be supplied and heat recovery furnace gases, in this case, the temperature of flue gases emitted would be about 70-80 degrees.
We can offer you a standard series of pyrolysis plants with capacities from 2 to 20 tons:

Approximate payback equipment can be found for each model pyrolysis machine

Roughly, the cost of processing 10 tons of tires.

  • Diesel fuel for the burner on the first run - 80 liters x 10 = 800 rubles
  • Electricity = 17 kW * 3 rub. / KW. * 18 hours = 918 (1000) rubles.
  • Salary 4 working with deductions - 45000 * 6 / 21= 12857 (12900) rubles.
  • Catalytic converter - 300 rubles.
  • Rents 300 m2 * (300 rubles / month. / 30) = 3000 rubles / day (price taken for the suburbs)
  • Other transport, sale, -3000

Daily expenses = 800 + 1000 + 12900 + 300 + 3000 + 3000 = 21000 rubles.


  • Pyrolysis oil - 4000 kg. * 10 = 40000 rub.
  • Carbon 3200 kg * 6 rubles = 19200 rubles.
  • Metal - 1.2 tonnes * 3000 = 3600 rubles.

INCOME = 40000 + 19200 + 3000 = 62200 rubles.

Profit for the day - 62200- 21000 = 41200 rub

The payback period - 84000 * 60 / 41200 = 122 days